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12 August
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bianca likes:: ma dandilleee friendlys *MWAHH* corrrn cos its jst great.a dno where id be now if i didnt have corrn in my lifee* ma fotos ov da ski trip aww a wana go bak :o(* ma special letters woop woop* mooozic hells yehsss :oD* huggless* smoooochiess* holding handiess* pinky swears* being bestest best friendlys 4eva* ma memory box.yess thats rite i have 1*BURNNNNINGGGG* sexaaaay boyzz* rainbowss cos they make evrything seem okiess agen* those special friendlys that can make me smilleee :oD* partaysss* gigs with ma gurliess* seeing "1 message recieved" on ma fone* ma pwettyfulsss roomiess* pink* bein a biatch* thats special feeling u gets wen u see sum1 u like* being loved <3* troicee no likee:: arguments* bitchin* paranoia* that gutted mehh feelingg ov depression* havin no lifee* sad songs that bring bak sad memoriess :o(*

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