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*~*ARGHHHHHH*~* [19 Apr 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | scared ]


a stil havnt evn startd food

am scared :o(

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*~*2day was the day i died...twice*~* [19 Apr 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | worried ]

yup wel as am not a cat nd only have 1 life (weirdly enuf lol) ive used it so that means that all da other teachers that want 2 kill me cant cos german beat them all 2 it

wel a didnt do any revision at all cos last nite a was having a great time til bad news that made me sooo upsetd a went off da net much earlier then i was planning nd a sat in ma bedroom total wollowing nd a hated it cos a felt soooo useless nd a dno why it was me she told (evn tho am glad cos im ALWAYS here 4u) bt a was sooo scared nd a had noo idea wot 2 do nd a wantd 2 help more bt a cudnt so a felt like shittee :o(
nd a was soooo worried nd a cudnt get in touch any way possible through lak ov moniess on both ends ov fone so a was upsetd 4 agessss cos it reminded me wen a was in almost exactly that same situation :o(

hmmm 2day was pretty much a disaster aswel lmao it all startd wen a woke up nd mam hadnt bought mousse so a can 2use this spray gel thing nd a held it 2 close 2 ma hair nd it got clagd bt it was all sortd lmao nd by da time a was finishd straightening the bottom nd wot have you a gots out thinking yehss am actually having a gd hair day woop woop bt then wen u think that it ALWAYS goes down hill.
wel through 2 long spent on ma hair a was jst a lil bit late 4 da bus nd a had 2 cut a 25 min wlk down 2 10 nd a was soo nearly 2 da bus stop aswel bt on da last bit ov road wen a was thinking yehss a havnt missed it da bus drove past so a thort rite fuk it so a ran like the wind down this 1 massively long straight road nd got da bus total out ov breathe as am sooo unfit lmao nd a got on da bus huffing nd puffing 2 discover that bus fare has gone up anothr 10p a was like ohh ov course it has nd then all da way 2 skoolies a had 2 sit nd listen 2 hannah ramble bout how all ov her friends went out all hols without inviting her anywher a jst sat ther like ohh i wonder why that was??? nd then its amazing cos she remembered all da times she woke up on each day ov da hols nd bout her holiday 2 yorkshire frm hell that made my usual 15 mins bus journey seem like hours :O
nd all this was 2 go nd see alice in morning pastoral but 2 problems occured
1. she wa snot in (i did not know this then however)
2. a was 2 scared 2 actualy walk in2 her pastoral lmao
so a went 2 da cantine nd met evry1 nd TRIED 2 avoid da slug al day however she caugt me nd was like wheres urr work a was all ohh was that in 4 2day?? nd me nd rosie had a whole story workd out aswel 2 why we didnt go 2 skoolies in da hols
we wer on holiday 2gethr
in great scotland
with the church
alas we did not need the story cos al a stud ther saying was uhuh itl b in 2mro morning *nods nd smiles with da luk ov fear in my eyes*
ohh damn so av got 2 work 2nite which means il b on da net at da same time *sighss* ohh well thers jst sum sacrifices u have 2 take 4 education hehe
nd then in eng all we did was a quiz so a jst sat on ma ass nd let evry1 else do it 4me hehe it was great part frm i knew 1 ov da ans euthamism *spellling i however do not know!!* means a double meaning nd miss partridge actually gasped wen a gots 1 rite lmao a was like wel i aint as stoopid as i luk u seee
nd maths war sehr langweilig a hadnt dun da tests bt a filled em in wen she was tlking nd el actually told her so got lines a was like y u do that dumbass????
lunch boringg a jst wandered
bio a went on a mish 4 le slug so was late nd sat learning german
chemistry a startd panicing :o
nd then a had german oral nd ohh how ive failed hahahaaa ohh well a dnt care am jst glad its ova
nd in maths me rosie nd el all noticed at da same time that miss millar must ov like ironed her t shirt wihile wearing it cos it had like creases mark things EXACTLY in the shape ov her bra bt then they kept disappearing so we was like huh?? bt we knew they wer ther lmao hahahaaa
wel am jst guna b sitting here all nite so am guessing many many more entries 2 come lol
mwahhxoxoxoxoxx *kisses huggles and pinky holds*

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*~*stolen frm alices journal hehe it entertained me*i thankyou :o)* [18 Apr 2004|09:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

*yay* this entertained me 4 a while aftr da "3 questions game" stopd being fun as id played it with evry1 online lmao hahaa but i learnt very very very interestingg things *woop woop woop*

last cigerette:i dont smoke bt last nite cos ma net broke so a drank a whole bottle ov vodka nd smoked sum tabs 2 entertain maself but ya know smoking= yakkyy *hehe ;o)*
last good cry: last nite or da nite b4 or mebbies wen ma net broke OR it cud have been wen a was screaming nd crying begging my dad 4 a new comp (im not actually as spoiled as i sound bt any1 hu knows me knows i hate me comp nd its ma new not so great plan lol) OR it cud have been wen watching a sad film whoo knows?? am always cryingg esp in bed :o(
last library book checked out: business text book which am not planning on taking bak *its going in da pile ov other stolen txt books i have hehe*
last movie seen: edward scissorhands <3<3<3<3<3 johnny depp in dat suit PHWOOAAARR sexaay man *drools*
last book read: stil reading jane eyre hat is 1 hell ov a book has its gud points but it requires a brain with it 2 read the ye olde english language :oS
last cuss word uttered: fuck ass cunt ov a whore (describing james lmao)
last beverage drank: vodka *yakky never ever again i swear*
last food consumed: pasta bt a didnt finish it a gots full
last phone call: ruth this morning at like 9 whyy god whyy dusnt she have lie ins???
last tv show watched: hmmm bazil crush with that fox. hmmm y was i watching the cbbc channel???
last shoes worn: etnies
last cd played: thursday *as i type :oD*
last item bought: hmmm nope twas ma bus tiket home frm townies avec alice :o) havnt been out *or changed frm pjs lmao* sinse then :o)
last downloaded: tried msn agen 4 da 1289734197 time *didnt work GRRR* im sooo hopeful
last annoyance: ppl luking ova ma shoulder 2c wot am typing
last disappointment: i am the disappointment
last soda drank: yakkyy noo likee soda :o(
last thing handwritten: a didnt write a was doodling stars hearts flowers and butterflys hehe
last word spoken: "wotevr" 2 mam hmmm she gave up on an argument??i was luking 2 shout at sum1 aswel
last sleep: 5am-2pm 2day hehe av total messed ma internal cloky thing lmao
last im: frm el shes strangee "oh u do know all about me dnt u ,u understand my jokes even ma bad one..thats why ur my loverrrrr RAARR"
last weird encounter: realising hu i wud fancy if i was gay ;o)
last ice cream eaten: a dnt remember :O
last amused: playing the "3 questions game" i found out ohh soo much a lovee it
last time wanting to die: this morning or lunch time wen a got up :o(
last time hugged: a dnt remember so if i know u, u have 2 huggle me nxt time i see you plzzz :o)
last chair sat in: ma comp 1 its basket nd hurting ma ass ud think we cud have a spinny 1 *1 day vic, 1 day :o)*
last lipstick used: nope bt a cant live without ma aloe vera vaseline
last shirt worn: my school one two weeks ago or this paulio frankio 1 :o)
last poster looked at: ville valo with no shirt on *drools* YEHS HE IS NICE ALICE :o(
last webpage visited: www.faceparty.com/xout_the0eyes0
current clothes: pj pants *tye dye panties lmao* nd paulio frankio top
current mood: boreddeddd
current music: thursday war all the time <3<3<3<3<3
current taste: wot kinda questions that???
current hair: just washed, in plaits 4 alice hmmm i look like medusa
current annoyance:not having any1 2 love :o(
current thing I should be doing: homework shit am really guna die 2mro *gulps*
current desktop picture: the nightmare b4 xmas jack and sally on a cliff holding hands with a moon behind em nd its got a sweet poem thingy aswel <3<3<3<3<3

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[18 Apr 2004|07:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me absolutely, completely and totally ANYTHING you want - with me there are no limits!! Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask YOU anything mwahahaa

Ask away! ;o) *eeekss*

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*~*this is what happens wen i think*~* [18 Apr 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | curious ]

wel me nd vic made this deal as we wernt getting any workies dun that wed go frm the net 4 half an hr do some actual work nd then meet up agen so a went 4 5 mins nd added a line 2 the couple i had been working on sooo far 4 hours nd this is all the work ive done 2day::


Through all of my research, I have discovered that there is scope for my business, which is a themed sweet shop in Blaydon. I have found out through my questionnaire, that in this area, there are many potential customers

ahhh ohh well its betr then nothing hehe :o) av gots ruths here neways so al a have 2do is type hers up bt change da words around mwahahaa

so aftr like 5 mins ov sitting thinking hmmm yehss al work a decided fuk it nd went in da shower nd plaiting ma hair.
Now while i was shaving my legs i randomly had a panic about workiess (agen) nd cut ma leg so a was like ohh great nd then a thort bt at least am happy atm nd then a thort dus ya really need money in life???
i spose u dont as long as ur happy living all poor nd stoof
nd then a was like well teachers get sooo invloved wen u dont work bt yy?? they stil get paid?? do they feel guilty if u fail in life cos u neva workd so punish u so u do? bt then a wa slike isnt it teachers job 2 help u reach ur goals in life by helping u do wot u want 2 do wen ur older?? but wot if wot u wantd 2 do wen ur older is b a lazy bum with no money cos ud know u wud b happy?? so then its mean ov the teachers to prevent u in this goal nd ur life wud jst b a waste. nd then wud u b considered as lazy??
nd then a thort wot da hells?? me thinking?? its all getting 2 deep 4 me so i continued 2 shower peacefully and untroubled.

hmmm yehss i know am strangee nd think 2 much bt do all these points make sense 2 any1 else???
or is it jst me being lazy nd trying 2 find an excuse 4 not workingg??
someone help me decide plzzz :oS

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*~*they cant make me gooo bakk ther*~* [18 Apr 2004|02:00pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

a swear am not NOT NOT going bakk 2 skooliess
a havnt dun
*** food coursework (speaks 4 its self really)
*** business coursework conclusion (eeeksss mr fenwick= scareee bt hmm me thinks wel b gettin mr ross HELLS YEHSS)
*** 5 maths revision tests (nd am sure they is multiplying at nite :os)
*** 7 THATS RIGHT 7 physics tests (kill me now)
*** 2 chemisty tests (arghhhhhh)
*** learn german oral presentation, with questions, 2 roleplays AND conversation questions

yup thats rite nd as they is all 4 2mro nd its already like 3 30 nd a havnt dun any thats me pretty much deadeddeddd
booo :o(
i refuse 2go bak
nd am trying 2 persuade ruth 2 send me her business *fingers crossed* ohh plzz god make her send it
a think she mite :o) so thats business sorted
a dnt think food wil b 2 hard a mite start that l8rss 2nite
am guna fail german bt am attempting 2 learn that nowss :os
woop woop
nd am not doing physics tests til wednesday hehe
nd we didnt get ne biology *thank god*
so av jst got 2 do maths (in pastoral hehe) nd chemisty (damn)
ohh well am dead either way cos a dnt know german *eeekss*

wel last nite ma net broke agen so a jst thort fuk it nd went upstairs nd watchd buffy while sitting on ma window sill with ma door lokd candles on light off nd a sat drinking ma mams vodka a hope she dusnt notice hehe nd a gots very drunkyy nd woke up stil drunk nd spinningg its kinda waring off now tho bt now the headaches setting in arghhh

nd easters now offically ova as ive finishd ma last easter egg
so now am staring ma whole operation loose weight agen grrr :o(
am only 7 stone nowss :oD bt that stil aint enuf i dont think
so a bit longer with lack ov food nd throwing up ohh yehss am lukin 4ward 2 it lol

nd ruth was being a meanie shes taking advantage ov me nd ma denseness nd shes being all i have goss bt not 4u nd then she made me beg nd now shes being all wel maybe maybe not bt shes organised wandrings which suggests goss which has left me feeling rather mind boggled ?????

am kinda wollowing aswel cos 2days ma last day ov doing nothing nd a spose av actually got 2 do sum workiess sum time grrr bt wel see how it goes lol bt a cant wait 2c evry1 agen me thinks if a can get up al get da early bus so a can have a date with evry1 in da dining room wel we'l see how that goes lmao hahahaa
nd me nd ruth have already got our 1st wander ov skoolies sorted out usual morning pastoral walkies up nd down the main corridor awww a loooveee it :oD

nd me thinks am guna plait ma hair so it goes al wavyyy 4 skoolies so av sent mammy out 4 some mousse a bet ya she cums bak with evrything except it :o( ohh wel al have 2use hair spray nd ma hair wil frizz bt wot ya guna dooo?? :o)

boooo ma bruvas are bakk with 1 ov ma cousins a 4got how loud it is with em theyv been away a week nd a got used 2da quietness *gutter* wel off 2 workiess


much love

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[24 Mar 2004|10:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

wel ma friendly jst helpd is gets ma comments sorted cos av been tryin 2 agess hehe
so jst leave is a comment nd al add ya nd u can read ma diary hehe :oD
byseexoxoxoxx mwahhh
*kisses huggles nd pinky swears*

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